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The People of Designer Software LLC

Dana E. Cartwright joined Designer Software in 1992 as Vice President for Development. He is currently President. He holds a Master's degree in Computer Science (Syracuse University) and a Bachelor's degree in Physics (Earlham College). He wrote his first software application in 1968 (doubling the throughput of the card reader for an IBM 1130 computer).

Dana is the chief software architect of Designer Software, having designed and written WeaveMaker, Surface Magic, TieMaker, MillSpec, Match, and PreVIEW. He is also responsible for developing the cross-platform engine which enables all DSI software products to run on Macintosh and Windows computers.

Dana is also a skilled electrical and mechanical engineer, metal fabricator, and woodworker, being at home etching circuit boards or MIG welding aluminum.

When he isn't writing software, he restores player pianos and pipe organs, old cars (MG's), and races (currently, go-karts at Oswego Speedway).

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